Private, 1788, William Miller – Survived the War

13th Battalion, Australian Imperial Force

Australian Military Record

On researching his A.I.F. Military Record the following information was gleaned: William Miller was born at Glasgow, Scotland. He enlisted into the Australian Imperial Force on 8 January 1915 at Liverpool, New South Wales. He was 22 years and 6 months old and his occupation was given as a Carpenter.

At his medical at this time his description was given as:-

  • Height – 5’5″
  • Weight – 10st
  • Chest expansion 32″-34″
  • Complexion – Fair
  • Eyes – Blue
  • Hair – Dark
  • Religion – Presbyterian
  • Vaccination scars only
Hospital Ship St.David which took William Miller from Havre to England.

The Timeline of his time in the army is as follows:-

  • 8/1/1915 – Enlisted at Liverpool, New South Wales, Australia.
  • 17/3/1915 – Embarked for Gallipoli, Turkey.
  • 28/6/1915 – Tooth Extraction – 4th Australian Field Ambulance, Anzac Cove, Gallipoli, Turkey.
  • 22/8/1915 – Admitted No.3 Australian General Hospital, Mudros West, Lemnos, Greece with Dysentery.
  • 7/10/1915 – Transferred to England aboard Hospital Ship ‘Caledonia’ with Dysentery.
  • 15/10/1915 – Australian Troops General Hospital, Gibraltar with Jaundice from Hospital Ship ‘Caledonia’.
  • 1/11/1915 – Discharged from the hospital in Gibraltar.
  • 6/11/1915 – admitted to 2nd Southern General Hospital, Southmead, Bristol with Dysentery.
  • 7/12/1915 – admitted to Military Convalescent Hospital, Woodcote Park, Epsom for Dysentery.
  • 16/12/1915 – Released from M.C.H. Woodcote Park and on Leave.
  • 3/1/1916 – Annual Leave due to end, however, he went absent.
  • 9/3/1916 – Arrested in Glasgow by Lance Corporal P. Duncan Military Foot Police as he was unable to provide proof of furlough. Taken to Maryhill Barracks, Glasgow.
  • 10/3/1916 – Military Court of Inquiry at 130 Horseferry Road, London regarding his absence. He remained in custody until his Regimental Court Marshall.
  • 5/5/1916 – Regimental Court Marshall. (See Section Below)
  • 24/6/1916 – Transferred from Monte Video Camp, Weymouth (AIF No.2 Command Depot) to Perham Down, Salisbury (AIF No.1 Command Depot).
  • 25/7/1916 – Proceeding Overseas to unit.
  • 27/7/1916 – Charged with being in Etaples, (Forfeits 14 days Pay)
  • 3/8/1916 – Gave a witness statement to Red Cross in relation to the death of Pte. Alexander John Fowlie, 13th A.I.F. – Miller is shown as being at the 4th Australian Divisional Base Depot, Etaples, France at that time.
  • 15/8/1916 – Rejoined unit from 4th Australian Divisional Base Depot, Etaples, France.
  • 6/1/1917 – Reported sick.
  • 7/1/1917 – At 38 Casualty Clearing Station, France with Psoriasis.
  • 7/1/1917 – At No.12 General Hospital, Rouen, France with Psoriasis.
  • 15/1/1917 – Embarked aboard Hospital Ship ‘St.David’ at Havre for England with ‘Psoriasis’.
  • 16/1/1917 – Admitted to Beaufort War Hospital, Bristol.
  • 7/3/1917 – 14/3/1917 – Absent Without Leave – Punishment – 6 days Field Punishment No.2 and forfeit 14 days pay.
  • 23/3/1917 – Transferred to 61st Battalion, A.I.F.
  • 21/4/1917 – Transferred back to 13th Battalion from 61st Battalion
  • 27/4/1917 – Sick with Psoriasis, to Brigade Hospital.
  • 7/5/1917 – To Tidworth Military Hospital with Psoriasis.
  • 22/6/1917 – Discharged from hospital to No1 Command Depot.
  • 22/11/1917 – On a course of instruction at Winchester Engineering Works.
  • 17/7/1918 – Transferred overseas to France via Folkstone.
  • 18/7/1918 – To 1st Infantry Base Depot – Le Havre, France.
  • 24/7/1918 – Taken on strength 13th Battalion from 61st Battalion, A.I.F., originally from 13th Battalion.
  • 17/7/1919 – Absent without Leave.
  • 27/7/1919 – Returned from Absence.
  • 30/7/1919 – Convicted of being A.W.O.L.
  • 22/9/1919 – Return to Australia.
  • 12/1/1920 – Discharged from the Military.
  • 24/4/1944 – Died at Manly District Hospital, Sydney, New South Wales, Australia.
Beaufort War Hospital, Bristol where William spent time in 1917 with Psoriasis.

Disciplinary Record

There are a number of disciplinary transgressions on the record of William Miller.

  • 10/3/1916 – William Miller had been absent without leave from 3/1/1916 to 9/3/1916 when he was arrested in Glasgow having failed to provide ‘Leave’ documentation to Lance Corporal P.Duncan, Military Foot Police and was taken to Maryhill Barracks, Glasgow pending removal to London. On 10/3/1916 a Board of Inquiry at 130 Horseferry Road, London regarding his absence was conducted under the circumstances of his absence. He remained in custody until his Regimental Court Marshall.
  • 5/5/1916 – A Regimental Court Marshall was conducted into the above absence, Miller was found guilty. As he had spent about 62 days in custody, he was only given another 24 hours in custody and forfeits 98 days pay.
  • 15/3/17 – charged with being Absent Without Leave from Perham Down from 7/3/17 to 14/3/17 – Punishment was 6 days Field Punishment No.2 and forfeit 14 days pay.
  • 30/7/1919 – Convicted of being Absent Without Leave between 17/7/1919 and 27/7/1919 – Punishment 14 days Field Punishment No.2 and 24 days forfeiture of pay.


William Miller was born circa 1892 at Glasgow, Lanarkshire, Scotland.

His next of kin on enlistment was shown as his mother, Helen Miller, whose address was shown as ‘St Helens’, Mount Pleasant Drive, Old Kirkpatrick, Dunbartonshire.

Unit Colour Patch 13th Battalion Australian Imperial Force


He is shown as residing at Great Northern Road, Ryde, New South Wales, Australia with Mr R.J. and Mrs E.C. Thompson just before enlistment. There is no record that this couple were related to him. He is shown as residing at ‘Durham’, Massey Street, Gladesville, Sydney, New South Wales, Australia in 1935-36.


William Miller was awarded the 1914-15 Star, the Victory and the British War Medals for his service in the Great War, these were returned to the state following his death in 1944 as he had no next of kin.

Statement To The Red Cross

On 3 August 1916, William Miller gave a statement to the Red Cross while he was at No.4 Australian Divisional Base Depot, Etaples, France in relation to the death of Alexander John Fowlie, 1945, 13th Battalion A.I.F. it is as follows:-

“I knew Fowlie in C Company he was a Volunteer Reinforcement and his number would be 1900s. He was killed on the 22nd August 1915 at Australia Gully, just as they fell in.  A bullet went clean through Private Meldrum’s shoulder in the front rank and then hit Fowlie in the head and killed him. Meldrum and I were wounded the same day and Meldrum told me about it on the hospital ship. There was only one Fowlie in C Company.”

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