2nd Lieutenant, Francis Coupe Dodd, (22) – Killed in Action

210 Squadron, Royal Air Force, 10th June 1918

Synopsis of Life and Military Service

Francis Coupe Dodd was born on 22 October 1895 at New Barnet.

He enlisted into the Royal Navy Air Service on 30 August 1914. His description was given as

  • Height – 5’7″
  • Chest – 35″
  • Hair – Dark
  • Eyes – Brown
  • Complexion – Dark
  • Occupation – Carpenter

Prior to enlisting into the Royal Naval Air Service / Royal Flying Corps, Francis Dodd had been a Solicitors Clerk and an apprentice Mechanic at Hadley Page Limited, Cricklewood, Radlett, Hertfordshire from March to August 1914. There is also mention that he was a Carpenter in one of his documents.

Before he became a pilot Francis Dodd served three years as an Air Mechanic 1st Class and Leading Mechanic with the Royal Naval Air Service, serving in France, Belgium, Dardanelles and at home. He had flown numerous aircraft which included the Airco D.H.6, Bristol Scout, Sopwith Pup and Sopwith Camel. He completed a course at the Royal Navy School of Aerial Gunnery at Freiston Airfield, Lincolnshire.

  • 26 August 1917 – Posted to Crystal Palace as a Temporary Probationary Flight Officer and entered into the Air Service.
  • 22 September 1917 – Moved from Crystal Palace to Chingford.
  • 6 March 1918 – Graduated as a pilot at Cranwell – Report said “A steady full out pilot, should do well with more experience. V.G. pilot and officer, recommended for Scout.
  • 16 March 1918 – Promoted Flight Sub Lieutenant.
  • 28 March 1918 – Moved from Chingford to Ayr for instruction.
  • 15 May 1918 – Posted to the British Expeditionary Forces.


  • 10 June 1918 – Francis Coupe Dodd was killed while flying Sopwith F.1 Camel D9590.  Collided with Sopwith F.1 Camel B7249 (Capt JG Manuel DSC) when both dived to attack hostile aircraft over Neuve Chapelle.
  • Was buried by the Germans at Lestrem Communal Cemetery, German Extension along with Captain, John Gerald Manuel whose plane he collided with.
  • circa 8 February 1923 he was exhumed and reinterred at Y Farm Military Cemetery, Bois-Grenier, Nord, France.
Francis Coupe Dodd


Francis Coupe Dodd was born on 22 October 1895 at New Barnet. In the 1911 Census, he was shown as being 15 years old, a Solicitors Clerk and residing with his Grandmother Emma Elizabeth Dodd at 4 Victoria Road, Bexleyheath.

His family is shown as follows :-

  • Father – Ernest James Dodd.
  • Mother – Mary Ellen Dodd.

When his estate was settled on 14 August 1920, the sum of £329 was given to Harry Pearn Russell, Solicitor.


At the time of his service in the Royal Naval Air Service, he gave his address as c/o Harry Pearn Russell Solicitors, Bexleyheath, Kent.

In the 1911 Census, he was shown as being 15 years old, a Solicitors Clerk and residing with his Grandmother at 4 Victoria Road, Bexleyheath.

The addresses of his mother is given as the following :-

  • 30 May 1918 – 34 Abbot Road, Regents Park, London.
  • 30 September 1918 – 58 Grand Avenue, Muswell Hill, London.
  • Her later address was given as The ‘Homestead’, Fitzjohn Avenue, Barnet, London.


Francis Coupe Dodd was awarded the 1914 Star, the Victory and the British War Medals for his service in the Great War.


Francis Coupe Dodd is honoured and remembered on the following memorials :-

  • Old Dartfordians WW1 War Memorial, Dartford Grammar School for Boys, Dartford Road, Dartford, Kent.

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