This Weeks New Research

There are Four new research pages this week in WW1 Lives, a Balloon Observer, a Royal Artillery War Hero, a Royal Scot and a Royal Dragoon from Bedfordshire. Click on the Description Heading to discover more on their lives.

British Kite Balloon © Air Force Museum of New Zealand

An Observer

Stanley Craigmore Pinhay from Falmouth, Devon had a career in the Post Office prior to the Great War, Following his attestation into the Royal Flying Corps, he eventually found himself as an observer, suspended beneath a balloon in a wicker basket. To find out more of his story click the above heading.

Cap Badge of 1st Royal Dragoons

A Double Serjeant-Major

Ernest James Buck who was from Biggleswade, Bedfordshire was a Professional Soldier having served in India and South Africa before the Great War in the 1st Royal Dragoons. Serving early in France he was later transferred to the 17th Royal Scots. To find out more about his story click on the above heading.

Grave of Alexander Mann – © Philippe Degroote

Returned Home to Fight

Alexander Mann had been in America for four years, and came back to Scotland on the outbreak of hostilities, He was recently married and was about to adopt his wife’s first born son when he was killed in an attack by the 11th Royal Scots on the enemy trenches. To find out more of his story, click the above heading.

Anthony Chaworth-Musters.

A Chaworth-Muster

Anthony Chaworth-Musters was from a notable English family. He was was educated at Rugby School before gaining a commission in the Royal Field Artillery prior to the Great War. At the start of hostilities he was sent onto the continent and was soon in the think of the fighting. To find out more about his story click on the above heading.

Published by The Moon's a Balloon

I am based in the north of Scotland in the small village of Aberlour. Having served in the Royal Scots Dragoon Guards in the 1980's, I have a keen interest in military history, in particular the stories of those who served. I was a remote volunteer for the Imperial War Museum website, however that centenary project has now finished and I felt the need to continue with my research and hopefully it will be of interest to others.

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