Shoeing Smith, 31541 Wallace Stacey, Killed in Action

1st/1st Warwickshire Yeomanry, 8th November 1917

Synopsis of Life and Service

The following synopsis was added by Peter Stacey on his Great Uncle:-

Wallace Stacey was born in March 1892 at Westonzoyland, Somerset,
His Father and two brothers were Bricklayers, he chose to become a Blacksmith,
probably why he became a Shoeing Smith for the Warwickshire Yeomanry, Household Calvary during his time in WW1.
Wallace had nine siblings, one died at one year old, another died aged eight, after being kicked in the head by a horse.
Wallace enlisted with his two brothers, Charles and Alfred, they came home to continue the family building business.
Wallace Stacey was Killed In Action at Huj, Gaza, Egypt on the 8th November 1917 and is buried at Gaza War Cemetery.

Cavalry Charge

Wallace Stacey of the 1st/1st Warwickshire Yeomanry, 5th Mounted Brigade, Australian Mounted Division was killed in action on 8 November 1917 during a cavalry charge undertaken by the British Army at Huj, Palestine.


The following was researched from the 1901 and 1911 Census. In the 1911 census, it tells us that there were 10 children and 3 had died.

  • Father – Alfred Stacey, born c1865 at Westonzoyland, Occupation – Bricklayer.
  • Mother – Eliza Hembrow or Stacey, born c1869 at Stoke St.Gregory, Somerset.
  • Brother – Charles E. Stacey, born c1890, Occupation – Bricklayer.
  • Brother – Alfred Stacey, born c1894, Occupation – Apprentice Bricklayer.
  • Sister – Mina Stacey, born c1896 at Westonzoyland.
  • Brother – Enoch Stacey, born c1900 at Westonzoyland.
  • Brother – Levi Stacey, born c1900 at Westonzoyland.
  • Sister – Dorothy Stacey, born c1905 at Westonzoyland.

Enoch and Levi were twins, although Levi is missing from the 1911 census. There is two children shown with the forename of Spencer, one is shown as the middle name of Job. The year of births were given as c1898 and also c1907, it can be assumed that the first one died and when another boy was born he was given the same first name.


In the 1901 Census, the family including Wallace are shown as residing at No.3 Hamrod, Westonzoyland, Someset. In the 1911 Census and after his death, the family are shown as residing at Lake Wall, Westonzoyland, Bridgwater, Somerset.


Wallace Stacey was awarded the Victory and British War Medals for his service in the Great War.


Although he is not specifically mentioned on the memorials, he is honoured on Westonzoyland WW1 War Memorial, Somerset and the Warwickshire Yeomanry Memorial, St Mary’s Church, Warwick, Warwickshire.

Warwickshire Yeomanry Memorial, St Mary’s Church, Warwick. © Mike Coyle (WMR-88284)

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