Private, 170992, John James Barron, k/a – James Barron, Home Service

Royal Garrison Artillery

Royal Garrison Artillery Cap Badge similar to the one worn by James Barron.

Morayshire Roll of Honour

Extract from the above 1921 publication – Home Service – Barron, James. No. 170992, Private, Royal Garrison Artillery; born at Elgin, 21st April, 1890; joined at Elgin, 1st August 1917. Son of James and Abigail Barron, Union Street, Elgin. Occupation – Asylum Attendant.


(John) James Barron was born at Elgin, 21st April, 1890. The following information was taken from the 1891 and 1901 Census.

His family is shown as follows :-

  • Father – James Barron, died 28 November 1920, Occupation – Railway Carter.
  • Mother – Abigail McConnachie or Barron, born c.1857 at Elgin, died 14 October 1931.
  • Brother – Donald Barron, born c.1885 at Elgin – Mill Worker (Wool Dyer)
  • Sister – Jessieann, born c.1887 at Elgin, died 4 November 1922.
  • Brother – Daniel, born 6th August 1885 at Elgin, killed in action 30 June 1915.
  • Brother – William Alexander, born 15 June 1893 at Elgin, died of wounds 11 July 1917.

There is a possibility that Donald and Daniel are one in the same person as the name Daniel does not appear in the 1901 census but the year of birth is the same.


  • In the 1891 Census his address is shown as Bridge Street, New Spynie, Elgin.
  • In the 1901 Census his address is shown as 14 South College Street, Elgin.
  • His address at the conclusion of the war was given as 10 Union Street, Elgin, it is believed that after the war the street name was officially changed to Lossie Wynd, Elgin.


There is no evidence that James was awarded any medals during World War One.


James is not remembered on any war memorials.

Links to Additional Information


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  • Family Headstone at Elgin Cemetery, Moray.
  • 1901 Census.
  • 1891 Census.



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