Temporary Lieutenant, Roger Michael Chaworth-Musters (19) – Killed in Action

56 Squadron, Royal Flying Corps, 7 May 1917

The Last Flight of Captain Ball by Norman Arnold ©IWM Art 1488

Synopsis of Life and Military Service

Roger Michael Chaworth-Musters was born in Annesley, Basford, Nottinghamshire on 23 March 1898 and baptised at the Annesley, All Saints Church on 27 May that year. He was educated at Bengeo School and Haileybury College (1912-15).  He then attended the Royal Military College as a cadet. 

From Military College he was commissioned as a 2nd Lieutenant in the Leicester Territorial Force, The Leicestershire Regiment on 26 January 1916. He was immediately attached to 25 Squadron Royal Flying Corps and was formally recorded in the Gazette as being an Observer with seniority from 21 March 1916.  He was with 25 Squadron when he was wounded in a flying accident whilst flying a F.E.2b. By this time the Squadron were in France.  He qualified as an Observer on 15 November 1916 and on 27 December was recorded as a Flying Officer seconded to the Royal Flying Corps. He was sent to a Lewis Gun course on 29 January 1917 and on 2 March was transferred to 56 Squadron.

The Squadron Roger was attached to, 56 Squadron, was rumoured to have been formed to take on Manfred von Richthofen and his Flying Circus, mainly because of the number of experienced pilots in its ranks. Its Commanding Officer, Major Richard Graham  Blomfield was determined to make it a crack squadron and hand picked his pilots – one of whom was Captain Albert Ball (Note – who was later posthumously awarded the Victoria Cross). It therefore follows that Roger must have shown some promise to have been picked for the Squadron. The Squadron received new SE5 fighters while in England and on 7 April 1917 flew to St Omer, where they had lunch, and then flew to Vert Galand. On 1 May 1917, Roger was temporarily promoted to Lieutenant, whilst serving with the Royal Flying Corps.

Albert Ball in his SE5 of 56 Squadron.


On the evening of 7 May 1917, Roger took off from his airfield at Vert Galand, on an offensive patrol with Captain Albert Ball and nine other planes. The patrol attacked 6 German enemy aircraft and were themselves attacked by  German reinforcements from Jasta 11 (Von Richthofen’s squadron). The Squadron Operations Book notes that there was “considerable fighting” and although a flight of Royal Naval Sopwith Triplanes joined the attack, the Squadron had to withdraw. Of the eleven planes that went on patrol only six returned to the aerodrome at Vert Galant. News came though that two planes had been forced down, shot in the engine and that two others had been wounded. Sadly there was no news of either Albert Ball or Roger. News eventually came through from the Germans that both had been killed.

Leutnant Werner Voss.

The German Air Ace Leutnant Werner Voss was credited with shooting Roger down. He was Voss’ 25th victim.


The following family members have been identified:

  • Father – Lancelot George Eden Michael Chaworth-Musters born c.1868 d.1932.
  • Mother – Mabel Violet Chaworth-Musters born c.1867 died 1948.
  • Brother – Richard Hammond Chaworth-Musters MC born, c.1895 d.31 Dec 1941.
  • Sister – Joan Winifred Mary Chaworth-Musters born c.1907 died c.1998.

Roger had six cousins (through his uncle John Patricious Chaworth-Musters) who fought in the war, three of whom died while in service:

  • Patricious George Chaworth-Musters MC (1888-1915) – King’s Royal Rifle Corps.
  • Philip Mundy Chaworth-Musters MC (1895-1917) –  Royal Field Artillery.
  • Robert Chaworth-Musters MC (1896-1918) – King’s Royal Rifle Corps.


  • The 1911 Census records Roger was a boarder at Bengeo College, Hertfordshire.


Roger Michael Chaworth-Musters was awarded the Victory and the British War Medals for his service in the Great War.


Roger Michael Chaworth-Munsters is honoured and remembered on the following memorials:-

  • The Arras Flying Services Memorial, Pas de Calais, France.
  • St Andrews Church Plaque, Field Dalling, Norfolk.
  • Haileybury College Cloister Wall.

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