Distinguished Service Cross Winners

This ‘Group’ is to honour those individuals who were awarded the Distinguished Service Cross for acts of bravery.

The Distinguished Service Cross (DSC) was awarded to officers, and since 1993 other ranks of the British Merchant Navy, Royal Fleet Auxiliary and British Armed Forces and officers of the Commonwealth.

The award was originally established in 28th June, 1901 by King Edward to “recognize meritorious or distinguished services before the enemy” and known as the Conspicuous Service Cross and awarded to Warrant and subordinates officers of the Royal Navy who were eligible for the Distinguished Service Order (DSO). In October 1914 it was renamed the Distinguished Service Cross and eligibility extended to all naval officers (commissioned and warrant) below the rank of Lieutenant Commander. Bars for the performance of further acts of gallantry meriting the award were authorised in 1916. In 1931 the award was made available to members of the Merchant Navy and in 1940 eligibility was further extended to non-naval personnel (British Army and Royal Air Force) serving aboard a British vessel.

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